What is the age and gender of the typical user of the spa website?

Prompt: You will continue to redesign the Spa website. This step in the redesign process will be to develop a persona (user profile) and a user journey. Specifically, you will address the following:

  • Persona (User Profile): Using data from the customer survey and interviews with former, current, and prospective clients, plus your imagination, create a robust and detailed persona (user profile) for a user of the spa website. You can use the mock survey and interview data provided for you, but you might need to use your imagination to flesh out the profile to make it robust and detailed. Your persona (user profile) should answer questions such as these: What is the age and gender of the typical user of the spa website? Why does the user visit the spa’s website? Which pages would the user most likely visit?
  • User Journey: Identify a task that a customer would execute on the spa website and describe the steps the customer will take to execute the task. The particular task you choose is up to you, but it should be a task that a customer of a spa would need to execute. For example, what are the steps a user would take to schedule an appointment?

Guidelines for Submission: Submit the persona and user journey as a single document with a title at the top of the page. Citations should be listed in APA format.

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