What is personal motivation

this is a opinion essay, as the precious order for personal motivation (order 3084485), you had explain what is personal motivation, but right now you have to find a topic for yourself , the purpose for this essay is to find your own voice. and you have to find one of the topic which you are concerned about/what you care about, after that you have to what is it about , what motivate you want to write this topic , why you want to write about it and how you want to change or to improve, it could be many kind of thing around the world, but find one and express it on the essay, you don’t need to quote any article on the essay , but if you really want to quote something, not more than 2 quotes. remember this essay is base on your opinion, also with the history, context, and personal perspective of this motivation. you may include anecdotes, stories, and personal testimony.

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