What is he trying to do?

In Chapter 6 Graff describes his experience in detail in order to achieve his purpose. Please write an essay in which you respond to his ideas in this chapter. Explain your interpretation of his project. What is he trying to do? Evaluate it. How effective is his discussion of the roach motel? Does this chapter contribute to his overall purpose in the book? Also, describe your experience writing academic essays and make connections to his ideas. In particular, explain your awareness of your academic voice and your vernacular voice in your writing. Is it a good idea to use informal language in an academic essay? Why or why not?
please no quotations or something like that because the professor is expecting us to write this essay during class. And the text called: Graff, Gerald. Clueless in Academe: how schooling obscures the life of the mind. Yale University Press, 2003. thank you and good luck.

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