What ideas and characteristics are similar in each work and what are the differences?

The Realms of the Unreal (Jessica Yu) – 2004

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Quickly explain the topic.

Reflect upon your experience and write about it.



the second essay is : Background:

The Romantic era was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in Europe and spread to the United States from approximately 1770 to 1850. This movement was largely a reaction to the Industrial Revolution.  

Components of Romanticism include all or a few of these common characteristics:

  • high emotion
  • a reverence for nature
  • critique of a newly industrialized society (often pro-human rights, pro-environment and pro-equality)
  • both real-life characters with real-life issues (often with hero-worship)
  • a sense of the exotic and fantastical

Specific titles of Romantic-era art include:

1.              “Le Miserables,” a novel written by Victor Hugo


2.              “Giselle,” the oldest continually performed ballet


3.              “Fidelio,” a German opera composed by Beethoven (this is his only opera!)




  1. Watch the three Romantic-era artworks listed above.  Jodi will show you these in class (see syllabus schedule).


  1. Pick TWO of the three watched pieces to write about.
  2. In your writing, discuss which Romantic characteristics are evident in each work – especially how nature, love and human rights are portrayed in each of the artworks.         
  3. What ideas and characteristics are similar in each work and what are the differences?
  4. What was your overall view of the artwork’s message and do you believe it was or was not effectively portrayed?  Why/how?

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