What health & fitness goals are important to you?

i want to know if you can provide any writer to do a work within 3 hours from now just to answer this questions:

What will your day to day (or week to week) schedule look like after graduation? How much leisure time will you have?

What do you envision doing with your leisure time at that point? Will exercise, physical activity, sports, and games be a part of it? Why or why not?

What health & fitness goals are important to you? Do you know how to achieve them? Is this realistic given your answers above?

How do you develop your imagination and creativity?

Do you allow yourself a “recess” each day? Why or why not?

Could you make more time to engage in imaginative activities, or give yourself more leisure time to be engaged in free thought, abstract thinking, and/or reading, music, and the arts?

Do you see a connection between these activities listed above (as examples) and increasing your synthetic learning or “consilience”?

We frequently hear about how athletics can teach life lessons, and how the lessons learned through participation in sports can help people lead a successful life, or cope with life’s ordeals (“sports as a metaphor for life”). What are these life lessons people learn from sports? What are the Take Home Messages that athletics can offer?

Which of these lessons should and should not be applied to youth sports?

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