What have other people already researched and written about your topic.

Identify where these water issues are, why they are there, how it is affecting humans and the environment in that region, and what is being done about it is an important part of geographic inquiry.

Please have graphs and statistics to analyze and if you could make a chart or graph.
Paper Requirements
A) Abstract
A one to 2 paragraph summary of your entire research; a succinct project overview. This is the only section you do not provide citations.
What are you researching?
Significance – why is this important?
What methods did you use?
What did you find? Conclusion and results.
B) Literature Review
What have other people already researched and written about your topic.
Important concepts and definitions.
Summary of significant background / history.
C) Methodology
Where did you get your data?
What sources or search engines did you use?
What words did you use to search?
How did you organize and analyze your data?
D) Data
Actual data collected for research – organized and classified.
Includes graphs, tables, maps, and photos all with explanations for each (why are you including it?)
You must include a map of the region, country, and or area of your topic (large area and specific area)
All figures must have bibliographic information and be in your bibliography.
E) Results/The Geography.
What did you find out about this water issue?
F) Conclusion.
Relate results to larger topic
Future needs? Recommendations?
G) Bibliography/Work Cited
All sources must be properly cited in a bibliography and cited in your text.
Geography uses the Chicago Manual of Style for citation.

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