What evidence might support or refute this view?

Directions: Choose one question from the list for each play.
Each response must be four to five complete pages. Twelve to fifteen pages total for three assignments.
Must include two to four secondary sources (research material) for each play.*
Must include direct quotes from the plays (10 to 15 for each paper).
Must include introductory material from the Bevington text.
Must include works cited page and internal documentation.**
Must include Bevington text in works cited page (play referenced differently than the introductory material).
*All sources must be credible. No SparkNotes or Wikipedia.
Most print sources (obtained at a library) on Shakespeare are credible.
Answer one of the following questions 1)Analyze Polonius as a parent. Is he too meddling or does he act out of love and concern for his children? Consider Polonius’ advice to Laertes (1.3.55-81) and Pononius’ response to Ophelia (2.1.76-121).
2)Critics are not certain whether or not Queen Gertrude is aware of the plot to kill her first husband – former King of Denmark? What evidence might support or refute this view?
3)Hamlet is probably one of the most dissected characters in literature; consequently, there is no universal perspective – aside from his indecisiveness – of Hamlet’s motives or actions. Based on what you might know about human nature and/or studied in psychology class, present your views on Hamlet’s obsession with Claudius and the murder by Claudius of his father.
4)Analyze Hamlet’s relationship with his mother. Do you agree with the Freudian critiques that Hamlet’s Oedipal complex enflames his jealousy and anger toward his mother. Or is Hamlet, as some critics theorize, actually reluctant to kill Claudius because Claudius’ marriage to his mother keeps her sexually out of reach from Hamlet himself.

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