What ever you choose has to be affordable lots of budget decisions

There are two parts two this piece of work Part A and Part B only Part B the International Marketing Plan Is to be done once again only Part B Not Part A. There will be a lot of Attached files and all of them will aid you as this is a vast and extremely important piece of work that must be done to an extremely high standard.

1. Low plagiarism and Full English Uk
2. References are for research and principles its (NOT) an essay once again this is not an essay but a International marketing plan!!!!
3.The only control you have is the promotional Budget
4.The more realistic the plan, and a great amount of detail with in the plan the better the plan
5.The Chosen implementation country for the chosen SME is ( China )
6.The choosen product is (The Silico 2000 an immersion heater controller), provided by (Earthwise Products) a link to the website will be provided in the attached additional files.
7.Note that this is a action plan the more specific you can be the better
8.Put your Market research in the appendices
9. Interms of marketing it is advised to use international marketing agencies within the Chinese Market
10. Show all your working out and assumptions e.g (Promotional Budget) which is key to getting a Top grade as shown in the grading criteria which will be provided in the attached document
11. Lots of research and detailed working
12. Put Graphs and charts in the appendicies, don’t force reader e.g. quotes like this will be in etc.
13. Not a lot of models more theoractical Knowledge being shown
14. And when it comes to your pricing see what your pricing is
15. Make sure your profits Break even, make sure there is no impact on cash reserves and profit netural the Key to not make a loss Do NOT make a loss
16. (You can’t execute your plan without a partner in your chosen country e.g) ( China )!!!!!!
17. The chosen SME can not have sales in or trade in the chosen country via website e.g. E-business
18. Distribution channels etc choose one, the most cost effective choice but the most effective choice as you are a SME and have a SMALL budget as which will be shown in the attached files
19.Predict how much it would cost in china to acquire the chosen promotional methods and express in british pounds via the marketing budget an EXAMPLE in Excel will be provided and it is only an example the figures you must find yourself or roughly estimate you must not use the ones provided as an example.
20.The promotional Plan must be detailed heavily
21. What ever you choose has to be affordable lots of budget decisions
22.Price Will Be higher in our foreign Market e.g china compared to our domestic pricing e.g. employ premium pricing in China.
23. Be creative
24. You should Try to co Brand with part suppliers to reduce cost.
25. more to follow
26 majority of files are PDF that will be sent to AID you.

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