What elements of the text enable me to make these connections?

This paper is required the text, The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.

No summary or review of the text. The writer has to find or state 1 key idea/claim within the text and find a different source to SUPPORT the claim.

Basically, what the writer has to do is reading the text and making a CONNECTION with one or two other works by the author or another author (picture books, novels, poems, biographies, non-fiction, etc.); OR finds and discusses articles, reviews, or interviews to extend understanding of the text; OR finds and discusses other media forms of the text (movies, CDs, artistic productions—including visual arts; games, and so on.)

Reference: the movie, August Rush (2007), is similar to the text. You may use the movie to extend understanding of the text and support your claim.

Instead of comparing those two work (the text and the reference material), the reference that you found has to support your claim/key idea that you have stated throughout the book.

Answers Questions such as:
• What other art forms does this text make me think of?
• How are they similar and/or different?
• What elements of the text enable me to make these connections?
• What connections did you make and how do these connections deepen and enrich my understanding of the text?

*** Once you find the outsource, you may consider above questions and answer. BUT, don’t answer the questions in order.

once again, you CANNOT just compare two works. you should state how the oursource is reflected to the text.

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