What does this understanding of compostition, history, or style reveal about your strength and interests as a dancer?

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Q1:What made you choose this particular chapter?(I already choose one chapter,I will attach scanned textbook content (not much reading) soon.)  

This Chapter talks about Dance composition including choreography of Modern Dance which attracts my attention the most . I myself is an artist that have huge intrests about expoloring the meaning or behinded story of dance movements, moreover, I like to express thoughts and feelings from my inside body via various artistic forms. I appreciate the fact that I have chance to participate in Modern Dance class with dance practice and chance to learn choreogaphy. Recently in class, professor guided us how to moving from Words, the improvisation of literation and dance movement. 

Q2:How to these ideas intersect with your understanding of both modern dance and yourself as a modern dancer? 

To me, Modern dance is a continusely updating dance genre that seems more creative,free,rebellious to me compares to classic styles of dance. Modern dance also focus on contrast, balance and off-balance, solo and large groups for instance.

“There is not one definition of beauty in modern dance. A beautiful dance may be one that is meaning full although not necessarily pleasing or entertaining to watch”(cited from textbook),  The movement of modern dance may seems focus more on the inside beauty from dancer’s heart rather than the superficial grace that produce a distance between audience and performers in certain cases. Thus, I find out Modern Dance performance usually move me the most and I can understand the meaning of the performance deeper and better. 

As a dancer, I am not the type of students that can memorize dance movements with no difficulties. However, I can easily remember all dance movements of the final piece we build up together in class with all student’s participation as choreographers bricks by bricks. It is fascinating to me to learn the progress of dance pieces’s developments and to have a deep understanding of dancing.

Q3:What does this understanding of compostition, history, or style reveal about your strength and interests as a dancer?

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