What does the future holds for China’s economy?

Homework consists of a about a 6-7 page research paper about Chinese economy. How it had impacted the world? how they’ve gotten to where they are now, and what the future looks/holds for the chinese nation. I would like to divide it in three parts so I can expose it better to the class:

1) what was done in the past that lead china to become a powerful economy that is nowadays.

2) what is the status of the chinese economy now? what are they doing or implementing to prevent or at least to cure their sluggish economic growth?

3) What does the future holds for China’s economy? will it be the a sustained economy? I want to emphazise their role in the BRIC block, and their plans on signing free trades with nordic nations––I read something about it days ago–– or other free trade agreements pending, as well their economic power globally. I want it to be written in an ANALYZE style, MLA form.  Remember that I will present it to the class and my other 3 peers are going to present their Culture and backgroud, SWOT analysis, and other subjects about China. Remember my part is the Economy(Past, present and future) well analysed of China. Thank you

Just FYI, the text book I’m using in Class is&nbsp;<strong>Global 2, by Peng.</strong></p>

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