What does climate change have to do with the global economy?


This individual project is designed to test your ability to conduct research, analyze, and distill that research, organize and draw out themes, and then present the research in cogent and succinct written document.  Minimum five (5) to seven (7) single-spaced pages excluding appendices and reference list.  This paper may be submitted late, with a 10% penalty for each day (yes, even if one minute late!). Submit via attachment to the assignment in MS Word format, using 12-point font and 1″ margins.

This paper constitutes a significant portion of your grade, and thus is not a typical homework assignment.  When it doubt, provide MORE detail.  Assume that the reader has NO experience or knowledge of the subject matter, and explain/define all terms or concepts you introduce (and properly cite your source!).  Review Dr. Z’s tips on case studies and citing sources and the McGraw Hill Case Analysis Guide for more help on doing case analysis.  See additional details in the grading rubric.

Choose from one of the following paper topics:

  1. Brexit – causes and implications?
  2. Trans-Pacific Partnership: why does it matter?
  3. What does climate change have to do with the global economy?
  4. What impact does terrorism have on global trade?



Grading Rubric:

Criterion Unsatisfactory






Quality of Analysis, Research, and Recommendations. (75%) Does not include all of the required components and/or requirements.

Little or no evidence of thorough research and/or analysis.

Little or no evidence of thoughtful, practical and relevant recommendations.

Includes all of the required components and requirements.

Reasonable effort appears to have been made to attempt the task.

Analysis and recommendations are practical, appropriately detailed, and justified by the presentation. 

All terms and concepts are explained. 


Exceeds the “Satisfactory” rubric because:

  • Subject matter presented introduced additional valuable sources.
  • Analysis and recommendations were extremely creative, relevant, practical and applicable.


Required format ignored or very loosely followed; or lacking in overall flow and organization; or ideas are poorly or not fully developed; or numerous or frequent errors that distract or interfere with comprehension. Required format followed, (single-spaced, 12 pt font in MS Word format. APA citations with page number, proper APA format); however some important components such as citations, references, numbering conventions, or correct reference format were not followed; OR report follows normal conventions of spelling, grammar, and sentence structure – some errors may exist, but are minor and do not significantly detract from the report. All instructions and formatting required were followed completely. Report is error-free in terms of spelling, grammar and sentence structure.  Evidence of proofreading exists because of the absence of typos or other problems.


Write-up is very well organized, taking the reader through the situation and recommendations such that logic and understanding are clearly evident.


Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: