What does a Rogerian Argument Look Like?

Rogerian Essay

Topic: Should the government provide health care?

What does a Rogerian Argument Look Like?

A brief outline of a Rogerian argument might look like this:

1. Catch the reader’s interest. Introduce the issue or problem. Mention the two sides, but

do so without bias or influence on the writer’s side.

2. Give the point of view of the opposing side, always in nonjudgmental language.

3. Address the writer’s point of view and reasons for supporting this side.

4. Find common ground between the two sides and then reach a compromise.

You must show respect to the other side of the issue. Although you are explaining both sides, you are still creating a persuasive argument. Make sure to have a specific, logical claim and academic research to prove that claim. This essay should be between 900 and 1000 words, excluding the required annotated bibliography.

Consider your audience as laymen in the field who have only general knowledge of your topic.

Make sure to include the following sections in your essay:

•an introduction and claim,



•and a conclusion.


Within the body of your essay, make sure to include the following in any order:

•The background for your chosen topic,

•the opposition – use an academic tone, and do not show bias,

•the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents’ claims,

•scholarly research,

•your claim — use an academic tone, and do not show bias,

•discuss the warrants for your claim and the opposition in order to find the common ground,

•and show the common ground between your opponents’ claim and your claim.


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