What do they share in common?

1.With the exception of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, discuss any three of the “mystical” theologians that you were introduced to by Egan, and offer a comparison and contrast of these thinkers. For example do they write out of an apophatic or kataphatic perspective? What do they share in common? What are their differences? Do they speak similarly about concepts such as prayer, contemplation, dark night, etc. On what points or concepts do they seem to differ?
2.Offer a synthesis of the ideas you read about for the readings on Cosmic mysticism. How do each of the authors (Edwards, [thus, Rahner], Pierre Teilhard de Chardin), and the Colossians hymn (Col 1:15-20) speak to the idea of the “cosmic Christ”?
3. This is a FINAL EXAM, please write responsibly, otherwise I will not approve this order. The essence of this essay is to cover all the appropriate points from readings and be strictly follow the questions!!

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