What degree are you interested in completing, and why?

Choose one of the following and write a well-developed 3-4 page report on your findings.  You need to use at least 3 credible sources (that means no general websites.  You want to use reputable news sources that are nationally recognized such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or Washington Post, or access information using the Anselmo Library Research Databases.  No smaller city or local newspapers).  Please do not forget to cite your sources in your paper, and include a reference page (this page is in addition to the 3-4 page paper).  Please remember to use the basic essay format when writing your paper.

  1. Research a career in which you are interested, and explain why in detail.  For this, you should interview someone in the field, developing 7-10 questions related to their career and/or how they reached that career.  Questions be asked/answered either in person or via email or phone.  If you do not know someone in the field, ask one of your professors or friends/family for recommendations.  You should also go to the Anselmo Library online research databases and find scholarly articles that analyze your field.  You are looking to discover the opportunities, specialties within the field, salary range, room for growth, types of opportunities in the field, necessary skills/personality traits, degree (s) needed, duties, nonmaterial rewards, etc.  Don’t just simply rehash the information from your interview; use the interview responses and research to make connections between your overall interest in the career and how it fits into your personal goals, as well as the information from your research.


  1. Research 2 colleges to which you might transfer. Why are you choosing to move on to a four year school, and these two institutions in particular? What degree are you interested in completing, and why? How does this step align with your future goals? In addition to websites of the colleges themselves, find 3 outside publications (The Princeton Review, or US News and World Report, or one of the annual publications that list/analyze colleges) that also discuss the colleges.  You are looking to find out what the college’s strengths are, the majors it offers, what type of student body it has, what the average GPA of accepted students is, the type and location of the campus, the extracurricular and other opportunities, the cost, etc., and how these all fit into your overall goals.


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