What can you say about citizen perceptions of media legitimacy?


Listen to NPR’s “The Politics of Late-Night TV”:






Read “Talk Show Democracy” from the CQ Researcher (you can read the whole thing if you go through your online textbook which has the article in the chapter) – if you can only read the introduction, that is okay – you get the brief jist of the argument.






View the infographic for current trends / device usage






Listen to NPR’s  “Bloggers and Cable Pundits, the New Newsmakers”






Look at the study results on whether or not citizens think media is biased








Think about the current state of journalism in the U.S.  Do you think the media is generally making a positive or negative contribution to Democracy? – in what ways?  How much do you think the “institutional norms” developed by Cook and discussed in the lecture hold true in the current paradigm?   Would you consider the media a fourth branch?  Is it a successful “watchdog”?   What can you say about citizen perceptions of media legitimacy?. REFERENCE AT LEAST THREE OF THE OF THE FIVE ARTICLES IN ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS

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