What can you recall from your readings that substantiates your response?

Your supervising teacher has assigned you to work with 3rd graders Shonda, Jeffrey, Juan and Cho. These students are below grade level in reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary development and writing. Cho has a very short attention span and Juan has trouble working with his peers. While Shonda has a good grasp of phonemic awareness, this is something that Jeffrey still struggles with. They all lack confidence as readers.

Consider the course topics listed below and select 3 of them to discuss for application to this situation in developmentally appropriate ways. Each topic should be approximately one typed page (for a total of 3 typed pages for this part of the final).

Learning to Read: Phonemic Awareness
Learning To Write
Oral Language Development; Listening & Speaking
Reading to Learn: Comprehension
Reading Fluency
Vocabulary Development
Comprehension The Reading /Writing Connection

Part 2:

Considering what you have learned about the importance of professionalism and confidentiality, how would you handle a situation where parents of your own children’s friends are discussing some of the students you work with. What can you recall from your readings that substantiates your response? Your response should be approximately one typed page.

Your response should be written in complete sentences, organized into paragraphs and be approximately 4-6 typed double-spaced pages (at least 3 pages for part 1 and 1 page for part 2). Be sure to adhere to APA manuscript style (refer to the Kaplan Writing Center for help). Be sure to include:

A title page
The paper itself (the "discussion")
A references page

The book I use is called Reading Strategies that Work, by Laura Robb. I don’t have an electronic copy of it though.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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