Final Leadership Theory Paper Milestone #10: Draft

A successful final draft of any paper should be the product of brainstorming, outlining, and multiple drafts. University of the Rockies Writing Center is a great service for all students, offering 24/7 support and a 24 hour feedback turnaround for papers and discussion posts.

You will submit your draft to the Writing Center to review in addition to submitting it to TurnItIn, and usingGrammarly as well. You should submit your work to the Writing Center for review and use the TurnItIn and Grammarly tools by Week 5, Day 3 at the latest so that you will have time to get feedback and revise your draft accordingly before submitting it to Waypoint on Day 7.

Submit a complete and revised draft of your final paper to your instructor by Day 7 of Week 5. Final drafts should include title page, abstract, body of paper in final draft form, and a reference page (with annotated summaries of each source removed). Your draft should incorporate feedback you received from your Instructor in the Week 4 Discussion, as well as from your Outline for Leadership Theory Paper with Revised Title Page & Reference Listfrom Week 4.



Weekly Journal

Reflective Journal: Writing Center and TurnItIn

Reflect on your experience using the Writing Center throughout this course so far.

  1. Identify the top three issues your writing tutor focused on in your work (e.g. paragraph structure, proper use of quotations, thesis statement).
  • Were any of those issues surprising?

Share some of the feedback your writing tutor provided as explanations.

  • What did you learn? Was this feedback helpful?

Describe the usefulness of the paper review tool.

  • Did your understanding of the writing process improve?

Will you use the writing center to review your work in the future? Why or why not? Share any remaining questions or concerns regarding writing your draft or the use of the Writing Center.Then, reflect on your experiences of using University of the Rockies library and scholarly research databases so far in the class.

  1. How have the library and the research databases been helpful to your writing process thus far?
  2. Briefly discuss how you foresee using the library and the research databases in the future.
  3. Share any remaining questions or concerns regarding the library or use of the databases



Weekly Journal 2

Concerns or Questions about the Doctoral Journey

As doctoral students, stress is almost a given. There are so many competing projects and deadlines that you are asked to juggle, in addition to managing the priorities at home and in your career. Though stress might be unavoidable, one great way to deal with the pressures of a busy life is to write about them – and even sharing those thoughts with others.

Please take this opportunity to “check in” with your thoughts and feelings about this course and the doctoral journey as a whole.

  • What aspects of your academic career is making you feel apprehensive or nervous at the moment? Is there anything causing you concern regarding the course or the doctoral program as a whole?
  • How does this course apply to your professional life – and your non-professional life?
  • Do you have any questions about this class or the doctoral program that have yet to be answered? If so, please share those in this journal entry.
  • In what areas are you confident? What skills or abilities do you possess that you know will help you to manage the journey ahead (for example, time management skills, problem-solving skills, willingness to ask for help, etc)?
  • Who are some people you can talk with, either in your personal life or at University of the Rockies, to explore ways to overcome your apprehensions?
  • Is there some knowledge or skill gap that particularly concerns you?

Your instructor’s feedback on this journal assignment should be able to give you more reassurance about how your apprehensions and concerns can be lessened.

If you do NOT feel apprehensive about this course or the doctoral journey, then journal about ways you could help your peers in this course overcome their apprehensions and concerns.