What are the scientific/experimental findings?

For this assignment,
Please read through the article that I have uploaded and use those information to write these paper

For the paper PLEASE MUST follow the outline that I provide below (Otherwise I will request rewrite)
– Use information that is in the article that answer and correspond to the equation in Each Section. Don’t write too much, a few sentence to the point will be prefect.

What is the purpose of your wiki page?
What information will your wiki page provide?
What questions will your wiki page answer?

Popular Wisdom/Pop Psych
What are the common misconceptions or beliefs?
What ideas or perspectives are presented in the media?

Current Research
What are the scientific/experimental findings?

Gender differences
Age trends/differences
Current treatments

Critical Evaluation
Are there areas of the research that you find problematic?
Are there any questions that seem to be unanswered by the research?

Summary & Conclusion
Summarize the purpose of your wiki page
Summarize the Popular Wisdom/Pop Psych perspective
Summarize the scientific/experimental findings
Summarize your evaluation of the findings

Please Must use citation at where is quote with article name and page number!!
For the citation page, use APA format!
Use simple plain english and simple sentence
Thanks! :)

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