What are some of your opinions, feelings or perspectives on the topics presented? e.g. what struck you? was anything new and surprising?

For your first reflective assignment you will watch the 120 minute documentary “Through Deaf Eyes”.  The goal is for you to:

1) learn about deaf history,

2) learn about the experiences many members of the Deaf Community have or had, and

3) learn about Deaf Culture.

(Information on where you can find the documentary is included below. )

Your assignment should written using college level academic writing.  Together your answers should be at least 2 pages long plus include a final page which lists your sources — use one-inch margins, 10 or 12 point font and 1.5 spacing.

Please respond to the following:

1.  What are some of your opinions, feelings or perspectives on the topics presented? e.g.  what struck you?  was anything new and surprising?  did you find anything interesting about deaf culture that differs from your culture, or was the same as your culture?…..    You response should have at least two clearly discussed reactions with details and examples for support – this should be at least a page long.

 2.  As a result of watching the video, put down two thoughtful questions about something that you did not understand or something that you want to know more about.  (Do not give a response that you did not have any questions, you will lose points!)

3.   Pick one of your questions, research it and provide a summary of your answer. You need to use at least 3 reliable resources in finding your answer,  e.g. books, articles or reliable internet sources.  Do not plagiarize.  List your references/sources on the final page.   Within your answer, cite where you got information from if appropriate, and if you use a quote, be sure to appropriately reference the source.  


The documentary is on reserve in the library — you can go watch it there (you can watch with some friends if you want).

Another option is to watch it on-line.  If you watch it on-line, be sure to watch all the links and watch them in the correct order.







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