What advantages does film have over theatre?

What advantages does film have over theatre?  75 words count

Which do people prefer a film or theatre performance? 75 words count
If a piece of art has a moral message, do you think that the implications behind that message and its artistic merit should be intertwined? Or should this not matter?  75 words counts

Team,  what kinds of generalizations do you make about the following groups of people, and how have these generalizations been created and perpetuated by entertainment? Pick two to focus on in your response: 75 words count

  • Artists
  • Prisoners
  • Corporate CEOs
  • The homeless
  • Government agents (FBI, CIA etc)
  • Car salespeople
  • Professional athletes
  • Veterans
  • Stay at home moms
  • High school cheerleaders
  • Farmers
  • Politicians
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