What adaptations did you make to better teach this child?

Set up your presentation as though you were making a presentation to the other staff members in your center.Your job us to teach them about a disability and to tell them about the child’s in your classroom who has that disability.

You will present a Power Point which must include:

Your Schedule and classroom floor plan did you make changes to accommodate your child?

what adaptations did you make to better teach this child? did you need to get any special equipment? did you make adaptations to the environment?

How did you plan your daily Lesson Planning to optimize this child’s inclusion into your classroom?

Paper Guidelines:(one page or less)

You will turn in a short description of the lesson you presented /one page or less

1 page description of your contribution to the presentation

5 questions/answers about autism

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: