Western Civilization II Unit VI Annotated Bibliography

In this version of your annotated bibliography, you will be required to add annotations to your references. The requirements for Unit VI include the following:

 Your chosen topic statement/intention related to the last 400 years in Western Civilization.

 Five selected reputable sources in APA format

 All Unit III components are to be resubmitted—with revisions based on professor feedback—as part of the Unit VI grade

 Annotation paragraphs after each of the five sources (as outlined below) Annotations: The annotation paragraph begins on the line following the end of the reference. It lines up with the indented portion of the reference, with the exception that the first line is indented an additional one-half inch. (Look at the example to see how this should look.)


Each of the five entries should begin with a reference list citation in APA format and be followed by a 100-150 word summary of the source’s information.

An annotated bibliography summary should include the most important information from the text. Sometimes, this means that you will broadly summarize larger portions of text (i.e., main ideas); at other HY 1020, Western Civilization II 4 times, this means that you will focus on summarizing one paragraph out of an entire source. Whenever you quote information, use APA in-text citations. Click here to access an annotated bibliography example.


Book Reference;Levack, B. P., Muir, E., & Veldman, M. (2011). The West: Encounters & transformations (Vol. 2: Since 1550) (3rd ed). New York, NY: Longman.

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