Were they consistent? Why?

Networks live or die on speed. You should know the speeds that you expect out of your network. You should be able to determine patterns and anomalies and their causes.

One of the most frequent complaints is “My network is slow”. Is it? What is slow? Without metrics and measures, you will be defenseless. In this exercise, you will build a picture of your network patterns.

Now that you have at least 4 connection tests, create a document showing all of your tests (with dates) along with a graph of the test results. Write a MAXIMUM of a FIVE page APA formatted paper that includes references to at least THREE external research sites. The paper will consist of ONE TITLE PAGE, TWO TO THREE CONTENT PAGES, and ONE REFERENCE PAGE. (NOTE: Any pages above the maximum allowed will not be graded or reviewed.) Treat it as though this is being presented to a vice-president at your company.

The attached example is deliberately unprofessional so that you will enjoy the freedom of designing your own.

Then, in your document, explain what you learned about these tests.

Were they consistent? Why?

Did they vary greatly? Why?

Was there a pattern? Why?

What are your conclusions?

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