Was Iraq war a mistake

Hello Please read below information before wrtting the paper.
For this paper we are to write a Rogerian Argument that is a persuasive essay that argues against a claim. The essay should be logic,evidence,and ethical/rationalk appeals.We must choose some claim made on a significant issue which we do not agree.This paper needs to be at least two full pages and eight paragraphs.The first paragraph is an introductory paragraphthat lays out the issue and provides a strong thesis statement.The second paragraph must be a summary of the opposition’s claim–to the opposition’s satisfaction.The next three paragraphs are about the reasons that we think Iraq war was a mistake(at the end of this descriptions I will bring the reasons).The last paragraph is about the solutions and the reasons that we think these solutions do not work.I personally believe that Iraq war was a big mistake because 1.It was based on untruth information given by George Bush and Intelleigence agency for example they said Iraq has WMD and Sadam Hussain ties to Al Qaeda.2.Not going in with enough troops and not giving our forces the equipments they need. 3.not having a plan for peace,and also not having a knowledge of historic conflect between shiite and sunni to stop sectarian war. Please use thesse three reasons as the main reasons that I think Iraq war was a mistake.
Please consider that I am not a native English speacker and I would be appreciate if you use the simple English in writting.
Thank You.

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