Using the case of the Smith family complete the following assignment. Identify the presenting issue.

Please refer to the Treatment Planning Exercise rubric for detailed grading information located in the Getting Started Section of the course.

Using the case of the Smith family complete the following assignment. You can either use Jessica, her mother Mrs. Smith, or the family as a whole:

  1. Identify the presenting issue.
  2. Using the EBP process, identify a searchable question for her issue; ONE client factor that should be considered when planning for treatment; identify one clinician factor that is important to note.
  3. Create ONE treatment goal; 2 objectives for that goal; 3 strategies/tasks to achieve that goal and meet those objectives. The goal, objectives, and tasks should all be written in SMART format.
  4. Identify ONE evaluation strategy that would be appropriate to evaluate the progress of your work. Provide a rationale for why this approach might be effective.
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