Using primary and secondary sources to create a fictional character.

Essay 6-8 pages In this paper you will use primary and secondary sources to create a fictional character. While he/she is fictional, he/she will be based on the lives and experiences of real Americans in U.S. history. Select a region and a time period from the areas covered in our textbook. Then, decide which group of Americans you would like to focus on. Research into the history of that population during that period, using not only our textbook, but outside resources as well. Once you have gathered the evidence, create your character and discuss his/her life in a 6-8 page essay. Your fictional character will be representative of the larger group you are studying. Information you discuss must include (but is not limited to):

• Name, age, race, marital status
• Where you live
• Your family and socioeconomic group
• Religion
• Your physical environment (house, work, etc.)
• Legal and social status
• Educational background, if any.

You may structure your paper as a traditional narrative, or you may choose to present the information in a more creative format, such as a diary, letters, etc.

You MUST include evidence in your paper in the form of quotes or paraphrases.

Your paper should be typed in 10pt or 12pt type size, be double-spaced, and have uniform 1-inch margins.

You must use at least three primary sources and at least three secondary sources (not counting textbooks or encyclopedias).

One internet site may be used for every three non-internet sources. Make sure your internet sources are reputable.

Make sure your character and his/her surroundings are as authentic as possible. For example, don’t use modern slang if you are writing about the Revolutionary Era. Don’t give your character a name that would not have been used during his/her lifetime, etc.

Include a bibliography of the sources you use. Be vigilant in citing your sources! Avoiding plagiarism is crucial.

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