Using either Southwestern Airlines or Subway, create an abbreviated IEF and EFE chart

Learning Activity #1

1)  Albert Einstein was quoted as saying “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”  Every organization has their strengths and weaknesses; that is a reality that every organization must face, but it doesn’t mean the strengths will make the organization succeed or that the weaknesses will cause the organization to fail.  Every effective manager/leader will most likely face opposition within their own organization; however, in order to capitalize on the strenghts and mitigate the weaknessses, an organization must first understand their key internal forces.  An internal analysis is an opportunity for the employees within the organization to understand how what they do fits into the organization as a whole.  Using either Southwestern Airlines or Subway, create an abbreviated IEF and EFE chart using the format below

EFE – Key External Factors

Opportunities Weight, Rating, Weighted Score, Threats.

Totals 1.0

IFE-Key Internal Factors

Strenghts, Weight, Rating, Weighted Score, Weaknesses

Totals 1.0

Learning Activity # 2

2)  Once you have completed both charts from Learning Activity # 1 prepare a paragraph that discusses: 1) Why you chose those strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and 2) What the weighted IFE and EFE scores mean for that organization from a strategic planning point of view.  Offer supporting rationale for your explanation and be sure to reference your statements using proper APA formatting

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