Using Artificial Intelligence to increase customer trust in Beverages company

1st Paper:-  Introduction & Methodology (No need_I did it and I am going to attach the doc for your reference)


Introduction and Methodology  – Use the appropriate template and only submit the portion of the template that services the assignment.



  •   Introduction – what you plan to accomplish and why, include an overview of the situation or organization and what the situation/problem is that you intend to improve – usually 1-2 page) Cite and support all content appropriately
  •    Methodology is a research paper about Action Research, 2-3 pages (include reasons and justification for approach), minimum of five (5) professional references

2nd Paper:- Literature Review & Proposal



Literature Review is a research paper about your topic.  Most Action Research (AR) topics are very specific, you will most likely need to generalize your topics.  For example, if your AR project involves collecting business requirements for a new system, you may not find academic research about collecting business requirements for a new system.  You will be able to find research about business requirements and process change, 3-4 pages, minimum of eight (8) professional references

  • Proposal – this is your plan – review the template, which should provide you with some common ideas regarding how to document your proposal
  • Briefly summarize (a paragraph or two for) each of the proposed (AR) iteration (at least 4 iterations)
  • Include a visual representation – (example provided in template)

Think of this assignment as chapter two and three of your research paper.  Only submit the Literature review and Proposal (Do not include your Introduction and methodology – especially the references for those sections).


3rd Paper:- First iteration


The 1st Iteration to include your Plan, Action, Observations, and Reflections.


1) Plan – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the planning activity that has taken place…may include agendas or other manuscripts as appropriate


2) Action – at least one page in length, should include a description of that actual activity


3) Observation – at least one page in length, should include a description of all the information collected as well as any analysis


4) Reflection – at least one page in length, should include a description of your thoughts about what happened, what went well, as well as not so well.  If your iteration was a meeting, you may want to discuss the effectiveness of the meeting, did you have the best participants, did you miss any (not invite) or learned during the meeting you should have invited someone else..if so, what are your thoughts regarding mitigation …etc…


Remember to support appropriately.  Use ‘personal communications’ as necessary.


Remember a literature review is a research paper about your topic of not less than four pages using at least eight (8) professional (subject matter expert) and/or scholarly references. Make sure that you proof read your paper to eliminate any spelling and grammatical errors. Your paper must follow APA rules


4th_Final Paper:- Final Action Research paper


Final paper should be minimum of 50 pages and should have the below requirements,


  • Title page,
  • Table of contents,
  • list of figures/tables,
  • Introduction,
  • Methodology,
  • Literature review,
  • Proposal,
  • Four iterations of research,
  • Summary of learning,
  • References


Minimum of thirteen (13) professional references

Integrate graphs, diagrams, charts etc throughout your research paper

5th:- Action Research Presentation (PPT)


To complete the program I want you to present your Action Research to the class. This is in the form of a Power Point in class presentation. The length is open, however it is important you cover the main points and sequence as presented in your final paper. Essentially, over the last 15 weeks you have discussed a project, determined contacts and variables, performed at least 3 iterations, reported findings after each iteration, determined what you will change for the next iteration, and rerun the tests. Tell the class how this went, what you found, what you learnt. Remember it is ok, and perfectly acceptable to report that after all changes, iterations and tests, the original configuration or situation was the best

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