Use the Kingdon principles to structure and organize your analysis of the problem.

Please use the attached document to assist in completing this project. I will be standing by for any questions. Thanks in advance for the hard work:

Policy Proposal Project Final Product



The length of your final document for your final product is to be 5 – 8 pages.

12-point font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins.  Use subheadings. Short paragraphs and/or outline format  and bullet points are acceptable as needed for clarity and organization.



  • include  policy analysis
  • Use the Kingdon principles to structure and organize your analysis of the problem.
  • State who you have in mind when preparing your document.  Tell me if it is a summary for your client or a document written for another stakeholder.   You don’t want to assume that I know your intentions … explain your purpose.
  • Your final manuscript should adequately respond to any feedback given with the Step assignments.
  • Use this Outline to check your own work for completion.

Policy Analysis Final Product Format

  • Abstract – Executive Summary with your purpose and intentions (Summary of problem for client? Persuade stakeholder to provide supportive action?  Negotiate/compromise?  Inform media?)
  • Client: include description and mission
  • Problem Statement
  • Background – problem stream: facts & information to understand the problem
  • Landscape – politics stream
    • Significant stakeholders with positions & concerns
    • Solutions – Guidelines, regulations, or programs.  Look for new and developing alternatives currently in the “pipeline”.
      • Political factors – support & opposition.  Window of opportunity?
      • Social factors – Demographics, cultural implications.   High or low on public agenda?
      • Economic factors – Costs & benefits.  Resources.
      • Legal factors – legislation that passed and bills that died (if present).
      • Practical factors  – realistic implementation considerations
  • Options – policy stream: choices with positive & negative aspects of each
  • Recommendation – why this one is preferred despite drawbacks
  • Reference List – Include full references for all source materials.
    • Cite all source materials (either internal citations or endnotes) within the text.
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