Use proper citations (APA format) when discussing the author’s ideas!

This paper is an opportunity for you to reflect on your learning from the readings and discussions that took place during the course – to apply them to the Organizational Behavior information contained in your chosen journal article.  The object of the assignment is to show your instructor that you have a reasonable command of the subject matter and can see its use in a business application.  You need to provide sufficient explanation and documentation to support the points you are making.


Using the Davenport University Library databases find a fairly recent journal article (2010 or later) that will add to your organizational behavior knowledge.  Do not use articles that merely restate what we’ve already covered in class!  Try to find something that puts a different “spin” on the in-class material or goes into greater depth than we did in class.

After finding your article:

Thoroughly read and understand the article!

Summarize the author’s main points in 5 to 7 paragraphs.

Use proper citations (APA format) when discussing the author’s ideas!

Next, explain how the article “fits” into the particular MGMT653 topic area.

Then discuss why this article’s information would be useful to management practitioners.

Finally, write a conclusion (or a summary) that ties it all together.

Double-space your paper and use a standard 12-point font and standard margins.

Proofread your paper for logical consistency, punctuation, and grammar.

Revise as needed and upload to the appropriate link under the Assignment area of the course.

At the end of your paper, properly reference the article using standard APA format: Author’s Name, Year Published, Title of the Article, Name of the Publication, Volume & Issue of the Publication, and the Page Numbers for the Article.  For example:

Pearson, A. L.  (2011).  Lack of leadership at OSHA.   Professional Safety, 54(9), 40-51.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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