Think about how a third party might contribute to the peace process and the bringing about of peace.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Select a conflict to use for this Discussion. It may be one at any level, but you are encouraged to use one that is sufficiently "rich," one to which you will be able to apply the many concepts and elements related to the peace process. You may wish to select the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is the subject of the Kelman article, or one of the conflicts listed at the United States Institute of Peace Web page, "On the Issues." (Both can be found in this week’s listing of Optional Resources.) Or you may select another conflict that that interests you. Do research whatever conflict you select so that you are sufficiently familiar with it to do justice to your post.
Review the following online articles, paying attention to the concepts, processes, and other information in each, looking for commonalities and patterns between and among them and thinking about how all of the ideas fit together. Keep the conflict that you selected in mind and note how the various concepts, processes, and information relate specifically to your conflict and how they have or might play out. Think about how a third party might contribute to the peace process and the bringing about of peace.

"Peace Processes"
"Peace Agreements"

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a brief description of the conflict that you selected, highlighting the main players in the conflict and the major issues around which it revolves. Then explain your "take" on the peace process, integrating terms and ideas from the readings and the course and relating them to your conflict. Be as complete and specific as you can, so that you account for the major concepts and processes that are consistent across readings, even if labeled differently, and provide examples that bring the ideas to life. Finally, explain how you would characterize the relationship between conflict resolution and peace and why.

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