The State Director of Health Planning

The State Director of Health Planning (300 points)

You should begin working on the Stand-Alone Project early in the course. Each assignment provides a benchmark for completing the Stand-Alone Project in a timely manner while working through the course. You will find this information in the “Stand-Alone Project Benchmark” section of each assignment.

Scenario: This “hands-on” real world project requires you to assume the newly created position of State Director of Health Planning for your state (i.e. where you now live). As such, you report directly to the Governor regarding health policy issues. The information provided below will assist you.

The Governor hired you because of your unique combination of real-world and academic health expertise. You have worked in both the public and private sectors, and you understand the complex interrelationships that typify the U. S. health care system. It is widely believed that you will give the Governor the technical expertise to succeed where others have failed.

The Governor has been and is under tremendous pressure from various special interest groups. Advocates for the working poor want more comprehensive coverage. Leaders in his party are crying out for relief from rising costs of Medicaid. Patients’ rights groups, as well as some physicians, are complaining about “cookbook medicine” harming patients. The Governor is looking to you to help him clarify the alternatives in three (3) key areas – access, cost, and quality – and then incorporate your recommendations into a speech to a joint legislative session that will convene to hear his strategic policy initiatives for the next four (4) years.

Your Stand-Alone Project responses should be both grammatically and mechanically correct and formatted in the same fashion as the project itself. If there is a Part A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all resources used in your response and document them in a bibliography using APA style. (300 points) (A 20-page,double-spaced, response is required.)

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