The purpose of an accident investigation is to collect facts. Which of the following investigation conclusions could lead to potential problems?

the owner, manager, supervisor, and employee make up a team. In the matter of safety in the workplace or job-site, which of the following statements identifies the critical team member?

Unless the owner commits to an accident prevention program, safety rules to be followed are in jeopardy.
Unless managers convey the owner’s commitment through safety programs, safety rules may not be comprehended.
Unless supervisors enforce the safety rules, accidents are likely to happen.
Employees must follow the rules. It is not enough to just know the rules.

An effective way for a company to create an ethical environment and set an ethical example is to:

develop a written philosophy of ethics and share it with all employees.
develop a clear understanding of the differences between what is legal and what is ethical.
let it be known that the company intends to act ethically and even has a favorable policy for whistle-blowing.
support all personnel who make ethical decisions.

OSHA has set forth in writing rights and responsibilities for employers and for employees regarding safety and health. Which of the following is false?

Employers have the right to request proper identification of the OSHA compliance officer before an inspection.
Employees have the right to participate in OSHA inspections and be protected against punishment for doing so.
Employers may not file a notice of contest with the OSHA area director after 15 working days of receipt of notice of citation or proposed penalty.
Employees can anonymously ask OSHA to conduct an investigation of hazardous conditions at the work-site.

the best way to be prepared for fire hazards is to have a fire safety program. Workers do not always think clearly in emergency situations, however:

some will respond as needed and others will be lost.
they will tend to follow whoever the leader appears to be.
some will just complain about the situation at hand.
they will do what they learn through practice.

when undertaking cast-in-place concrete work, which of the following requirements and safety practices apply?

Building forms must be constructed into which the cement will be poured.
Shoring equipment must be inspected before erection to ensure it meets specifications set forth in the engineering drawings.
Reinforcing bars requirements must meet local building construction practices.
The forms may be removed after the concrete has hardened in order to allow the air to help cure the poured concrete.

after a company written safety plan is in place, safety and health goals must follow. Which of the following is not an appropriate safety goal?

Reduce workers’ comp claims by 75% during this year
Zero fatal accidents during this year
Reduce job related injuries by 20% during this year
Reduce “near miss” accidents by 25% during this year


the purpose of an accident investigation is to collect facts. Which of the following investigation conclusions could lead to potential problems?

The forklift did not receive the required preventive maintenance inspection before it was put back into service.
James created his own problem by removing the forklift seat belt because it was too uncomfortable.
The forklift driver left the forklift running while he went to the restroom.
While fixing the forklift’s brakes, a hydraulic fitting was discovered to be severely damaged.

the environment in which employees work can contribute to workplace violence. Which of the following is true?

Cutting employees out of the decision making process is a leading factor in employee anger in the workplace.
Keeping employees guessing as to what their jobs and responsibilities are does not add to the potential for workplace violence.
Supervisors and managers who go through toolboxes and work areas of employees will not be inviting violent behavior.
An environment that accepts hostile behavior will have hostile behavior.


hich of the following conditions trigger workplace stress from competing loyalties?

Added work load from corporate downsizing or expansion
Keeping up with the ever-changing multitude of regulations
When economic forces reduce resources
When attempts to meet production schedules become top priority

what makes a safety committee have a useful and meaningful existence?

Having a good cross-section of a variety of workers representing all departments
Having the right type of executive-level manager on the committee
Members must be truly empowered to identify hazards and take steps to eliminate them
Members must have a voice to raise safety and health issues


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