The Idea and the Reality of Collective Security

1.International Organizations, Chapter 7, “Collective Security & Its
Alternatives: Theory and Practice,”143-177.
2. Miller, Lynn. 1999. The Idea and the Reality of Collective Security. In:
Global Governance; Jul-Sep 1999; 5, 3.
3.Collective Security at a Crossroads, Conference panel: NY Conference

2010: 21st century threats and the future of collective security
use these 3 articles and add 3 others
also explain poits that mentioned below
(1)Various ways of maintaining security and peace and their shortcomings
(2)Theory of collective security
(3)Collective security vs. collective defense
(4)The concept of aggression, a stumbling block

(5)Is there such thing as regional collective security?
please explain how idea of collective security started and success or failure to reach their goals

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