the Hunger Games

write an analysis of the hunger games using the whole text, and two other sources. these can be from any the essays in 75 readings plus, a magazine article, a newspaper, any of the handouts we have read in class, other books you have read, or movies you have seen.
you might consider some of the importnat elements of your subject, such as: the audiences the book (s), short text, or magazine articles were written for, the time period about which they were written, the social implications, the message the authors convey, the symbols and images in the novel.

but your main resources should be the book( The hunger Games by suzanne collins ). Also you have to get at least one quote from the book.

This order for me and my classmate. we do have same assignment. What I want you to  write is 5 pages essay for each one of us. but I did the order for both us. I want you to write the 5 pages essay by the instruction above for each one. And please work sited them in different pages. This is going to total of 10 pages 5 for me and 5 for my classmate..

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