The History of Artificial Intelligence

For this assignment (this will be your last assignment) you will craft a 5—6 page paper (more than 1400 words, not including references) for this topic, with 5 or more new references (that you find). This will be the normal paper description unless you are directed to provide a longer or shorter paper for a particular assignment.

The next topic is on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You will write about the:
1. History, (20%)
2. Current applications, (30%) and
3. Pick a Future ( 50%) , choose a single utilization to focus on.

(For example you could isolate your AI study to self-driving cars.)

Sections one and two are observations that you can verify. The third portion is possible developments of the discipline. In the last section (Future) write about the positive contributions and the possible negatives that could occur with the specific new AI technology that you choose to write on.

Here are some initial references. The four and more references that you use in your paper cannot count these:

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: