The Ethics of Prayer and Spiritual Care

The Ethics of Prayer and Spiritual Care

Health care practitioners are faced with challenging situations on a daily basis.  For this assignment, address the following Ethical Principle Questions from Chapter 2 of your course text.  This will help you determine your personal comfort level when faced with challenges as well as identify appropriate ways of addressing those challenges.

In a two to three page paper (excluding title and reference pages), respond to the following:

1.   What should I do if a patient or their family asks me to pray with them?

2.   What should I do if patients or their family ask me to pray with them?

3.   Can I give spiritual care if the patient or the family is of a different faith?

4.   Should I initiate prayer for a patient or family?

5.   Is it unethical to pray for a patient without his or her consent?

Then, identify the major ethical issues for each of the above questions and critique how these issues will impact your decisions.  Use at least three scholarly sources to support your ideas.  Your paper and citations must be formatted according to APA guidelines.

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