The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates



The week’s discussion covered the following International Accounting Standards (IAS):

#21  The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

#27  Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements

#28  Investments in Associates

#29  Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies

#31Interests in Joint Ventures


IFRS 8 Operating Segments


Research GOOGLE COMPANY and report which, if any, of these standards are applicable for GOOGLE COMPANY.  Then select one that is applicable and explain how GOOGLE handles it.





What companies might GOOGLE COMPANY include in a benchmarking study and in which countries are those companies located.  Your answer should include, at least, four other companies for the comparison.  As an example of the response for this assignment, consider Ford Motor Company.


Ford might want to include the following companies in a benchmarking study:

U.S. – General Motors, Chrysler

Japan – Honda, Toyota, Subaru

Germany – BMW, Volkswagen, Audi

Korea – Hyundai, Kia


France – Renault, Peugeo

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