Tech Policies, Protocols and Procedures – What They Mean for You

In Module 1 you began researching your district’s technology plan, focusing primarily on the acceptable use policy, the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the student technology agreement, and any other technology usage policies and procedures outlined for your particular school.  In Module 2 you are going to synthesize what you learned. In a graphical format – something easy to read, amend, and share with others – note the “Top 10” things you need to know and adhere to when integrating technology into your content area and grade level. For example – are students allowed to post pictures of themselves online for school projects? Should they use their full names? What does the firewall block, and if you need something unblocked, how do you do that? Etc.

Create a table or some other graphic organizer outlining these 10 rules or policies and how you can effectively abide by them in your classroom. Additionally, type at least three questions you have about technology use after reading through your districts’ policies and procedures. What don’t you understand and where can you get answers? Use this as an opportunity to network with your technology coordinator or instructional technologist – whoever is responsible for ensuring compliance with technology policies, protocols and procedure.

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