Summarize the paragraph and relate the content of the paragraph back to the essay question, should be at the end of each body paragraph.

Comments from Support Team: Hello, after reading through i have a few adjustments i’d like to request to be made for this essay.
a concluding sentence is needed for the introduction, which should
summarizethe three points made in the introduction, and relate back to
the question of this essay “What’s the message of the short story? How
does the writers tell the story to highlight the message? How does the
setting reflect the writer’s attitude of vision?” please don’t
include too many short sentences in each paragraph when a linking word
can be used to link the two sentences together, for instance “despite
the dirty cells and rampant injustices in the Shaw shank prison, Andy
continued to display his talents and hobbies” or “the dirty cells and
rampant injustices did not stop Andy’s display of talents and hobbies”,
instead of “The cells were dirty, and many injustices were rampant. This
did not prevent Andy from displaying his talents and hobbies.” i
understand that some short sentences are for the purpose of making a
point, but please use some linking words to create longer sentences.
the reference (shank redemption 1994) is not needed whenever a
reference is made, as it takes up too many words and i’d like to keep
the word limit to a maximum of 1100. a concluding sentence to
summarizethe paragraph and relate the content of the paragraph back to
the essay question, should be at the end of each body paragraph. please change ‘movie’ to ‘film’ my teacher likes it that better
paragraph 4, talking about G.K Chesterton isn’t very relevant to the
essay question, maybe some of it can be included in the introduction,
but please delete that paragraph as a body paragraph. please include
a paragraph talking about the use of first person narration that is
used in this film. talk about the purpose of first person narration and
how it helps the audience to connect with red at a deeper level
emotionally. also how it is used to highlight the change in red’s belief
in hope as the film progresses. please include a quote to support this
point. Discuss how Red changes from believing ‘Get busy living or
get busy dying.’ to ‘(a quote that proves red has changed his belief in
hope)’ in the paragraph mentioned in 7. the last two paragraphs talking about the symbolism of Andy’s escape and the effect on Red were very good. thanks
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