Summarize the contents of the entire paper.

MGMT311: Week #3 Paper:

For this assignment, you should focus on the reading material for weeks 1-3.

Please choose 3 topics from the first 3 weeks of the course. I would like you to find a scholarly article that pertains to each of these topics. This means that your reference list should include 3 articles and the text at a minimum. Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion that summarize the contents of the entire paper. The body of the paper should include a description of the topic, a summary of the chosen article and a paragraph explaining how the two are related. You should repeat this for each of the three topics.

Your paper should be written in proper APA format. I have attached a link to the library that can assist you with your formatting. Also attached is a rubric that explains how this paper will be graded.

Please contact me through the message function to the left if you have any questions.

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