Strategic Supply Chain Management Practices of IKEA

I have gathered information related to IKEA and I tried to write the report, since it is a group project maybe the information are not connected to each other, and there might be information that are not necessary. The information must be related to our chapters and to IKEA.

Can you please check out what we did and in which way it must be connected to our chapters, and then decide if the information provided by us are good and related to what is required or not.

If you think that our work is not good and professional please start doing another one, and if it is good, continue on it and correct the wrong parts.

* I already inserted the references that I have used, use them if they are related and useful and you can add on them or reduce them. I need in text citation and APA style and academic sources

*There are 9 power point slides that must be connected to the research. “In the paper that I wrote it, I mentioned which slide you have to use in order to connect it with that point”

*There are 2 PDF files which shows the requirements of the project and the rubric

*1 word document which shows the work done by us

* Make sure that everything related to SUPPLY CHAIN even the SWOT Analysis must be about supply chain of the company not the company itself

*It must be 15 to 20 pages excluding cover page, table of content and references page

*The two charts I need them will be from these 2 power points:
1- BUS4553_Week1-2_SupplyChainManagement_CompetitiveStrategy

Slide number 6

2- BUS4553_Week13-14_1_SupplyChainMapping

Slide number 8

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: