State what counseling skill you feel were used.

For this assignment, I will be uploading a video in which you will have to write up a VERBATIM transcript of it. The transcript has to be done in a particular way. I will be uploading a template that you will focus on when writing the verbatim transcript of this video. For the first column, you will state exactly (words for words) statements from the client and the counselor. You will write, Counselor: and then at the bottom of that, Client:. For the second column, you will state what counseling skill you feel were used. Some examples would be, encourager, reflection, paraphrase, closed-ended questions, open-ended questions, summarizing, manages the session, validation, and so forth. I will be uploading a rubric that focuses on the skills. On the third column, you will explain what were you trying to do with that statement and the skill that you used. Critique exactly what is going on at that moment when you asked that question or pointed out that statement. For the alternative part, you will explain what could you have done differently from that skill that you used. What skill you could have used instead.

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