Social Work Problem

The paper should:
(1) Demonstrate social work practice (techniques, interventions); (2) description of behaviors related to the issue; and (3) treatment plan for addressing coping and health promotion.
The paper should include:
1. A description of the health problem: definition, incidence, and/or prevalence in the general population; population groups that are most affected (gender, age, ethnic minority, SES, etc.) and why; etiology of the problem (bio-psychosocial factors that contribute); association with other diseases; course of the illness/health problem, including prognosis.
2. Issue surrounding treatment (types of treatment available; side effects from treatment, access and cost of treatment, treatment decision-making, ethical issues regarding treatment).
3. Impact of the health problem on the individuals, family or larger social network. In some instances, it may be relevant to discuss the impact of the health problem on the community.
4. Each group will be expected to identify psychosocial issues related to the problem and the implications for social work intervention which encompasses relevant theory, research, and practice.
The reference should include at least 5 research article references and 5-10 internet resources.
Please also provide a tangible resource to colleagues (fact sheet, Tips, etc) that they can include as part of their resources for future practice.

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