So How Do You Go from this … to this?

The Article that I had read about is called “How Do you Go form This…to This?” The article was only four pages long and was easy to read. The authors name was Amber Wiltse, a student at St. John Fisher College. She was assigned to write a literacy narrative essay.

Amber begins her essay with an interesting question. So How Do You Go from this … to this? Her answer was Literacy. And she starts to explain how books became a big part of her life and how important to her. There are many genres that she loved. She mentions that Harry Potter was her favorite book in her family. She thinks that it is the way of life. As a reader I do not agree with that. I don’t think that Harry Potter is not as a big deal for me, but I do love the movies. I do suggest that the author can add more detail to her writing because the writing does seem a little vague. It will be better if they’re a story supporting the writing that specific how literacy change that changes the author’s life.

The author believes that the Harry Potter Book and Movie was a special bond for her family to share time with.  That’s the way that she stayed connected with his brother. Her main idea was to tell every one that literacy isn’t boring at all. It is a useful tool for making and solidifying relationship. Literacy is what made who she is right now.

Over all I think this is an Okay essay. My favorite part of it was the beginning. I liked how she had some picture supporting her essay. The pictures made it more interesting for the readers. The author even made a video out of her essay witch I found fun to watch, but it could be little too basic.

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