Smoking Should Not be banned in Public

in this position paper am gonna be against the idea of banning smoking in public. i wrote the first essay which is position paper 1 about smoking should be banned in public and now am against it. i used the counter argument from the old essay and i will upload it here. and i’ll upload the paper requirements and everything please read it carefully i don’t wanna get 0 out of 40 like i did in my other paper! my previous paper was totally different than what i wanted and i got 0!! so please read it carefully. and i need to use library resources which is: Academic Search Premier,Opposing Viewpoints, The Arizona Republic, CQ Researcher. and this is the link to the webpage for the resources for asu

if you anything please send me message because i need it complete and perfect by tomorrow. thanks will upload the essay and the instruction.

*** AND here’s my thesis for my essay..

smoking should not be banned in public places because: tobacco smoke is no worse than exhaust fumes, smoking doesn’t kill everyone, and not in what people mean they say “public places”.

last note, please i want my Counter Argument, and the arugments very clear and you can say before any paragraph this is my arguments and this is the counterargument ….etc

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