Six Sigma Black Belt Project

The required project can either be conducted in a “live” business environment or can be a “hypothetical” project**.

If you will be submitting a “hypothetical” project you will be graded primarily on the steps that are taken (as opposed to the actual “data” you submit). Again, the main purpose of your project is to measure your ability to carry out a Six Sigma Project from creation to the final stages. Simply choose a project that you would consider to be worthwhile. Then guide the project through each step of the Six Sigma Process.

The project can be either a Service, Industrial, Commercial, or Community project (either real or hypothetical), but must use the tools that were taught in the different levels of training. Although there is no required length, the project must show a level of proficiency and the knowledge required to apply the concepts and methodology.

Simply put, your project should include every action/result that will take place during each stage of the DMAIC process.

The project should DEMONSTRATE A SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT for the client/company. We realize the wide spectrum of possible choices/improvements can be overwhelming, just refer to what you have learned and apply the knowledge you have gained. If you are in need of an improvement area, consider one of the following examples:

Commercial – Order entry, Call Center proficiency or any process within a service organization.

Community – Increase the efficiency of a public service organization with processes.

Industrial – Optimize a production process or manufacturing process. Optimize a products performance.

Generally speaking, many students submit projects that are at minimum 12 pages (most commonly 20-30 pages when counting supporting charts/graphs). Styles are typically well-outlined or in an essay format. But please remember, there is no required general format or length for your project. However, a clear concise plan (i.e. Project Charter, DMAIC, Gantt chart, etc.) that demonstrates proficiency in the Six Sigma methodology is expected.

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