Should one partner have more power in a relationship because he/ she may make more money?

Essay Prompt: Till Debt Do Us Part


Main Point: Can money be the defying factor in a relationship.

Support: The answer should be no but in many cases it is. A couple should work together for the betterment of the relationship all finances are equal. That was the agreement when we enter into marriage.


Main point 2: Should their ever be hidden finances in a relation on either side of the table.

Support: Hidden finances is just another lie that can destroy a relationship. For example a husband making $400,000 and tells his wife he makes $100,000 why the secrets and lies don’t he trust her. Side not for wife not knowing her husband income clear sign who’s I control in their relationship.


Main point 3: Should one partner have more power in a relationship because he/ she may make more money?

Support: You would think the answer should be no but in many instance the person with the highest income somehow always controls most of the relationship.


Main point 4: Women complain that their husbands has failed   to provide the support they want or expected or that they may need to work.

Support: I believe in team work we do this as a team if me working is required them so be it why should all the work e up to the husband if we work as a team we can share the load.


I don’t have any concerns about my first essay. I am a little worried about #2 my main concern will be writing an essay that will fill 3-4 pages with rambling from such a short story.

I will give some of my opinions but I don’t want my paper to only be filled with opinion I may need to find some facts or know when to cut back.






Writing Project #2: Money & Relationships


The second writing project for English 95x will be an essay surrounding the topic of money at the personal and interpersonal level (ie. financial issues with friends, family members, etc), rather than take on a larger societal issue. We have read a variety of texts to start giving you some ideas of conversations taking place around these topics. For this essay, you will use the guidelines below and pick one of the two prompts to write your essay on.


  • Your essay should NOT be one long summary of the article. Your voice/stance in relation to the essay prompt should be the focus. No more than about 20% of your essay should be from the article.
  • In your body paragraphs, make sure to support your central thesis with evidence from the course text, as well as with personal experience (if applicable).
  • This is not a research essay; please only use the articles from our course text of Money Changes Everything. Make sure there is source material (ie. quotes and paraphrases of information/opinions) from the article to use in your essay, and don’t forget to cite each one to avoid plagiarism.


WRITING PROMPT 2:  In “Till Debt Do Us Part,” Mary Loftus claims that “the way a couple deals with money disagreements and disappointments can predict the long-term success, or failure, of the relationship” (99).  Do the methods a couple uses to settle their financial disputes ultimately determine the relationship’s success?  If so, how?  If not, why not?  (Consider ways of responding; you may find that you agree, disagree, or simultaneously agree/disagree with Loftus.  The most important aspect is articulating your thesis/argument and supporting your position with the how and why of your position, using specific examples from the text.)


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: These are the basic requirements that need to be met in order to earn a passing grade on the essay.

  • 3-4 double-spaced pages in length—not including your citation page
  • A clearly stated thesis, which responds explicitly to the prompt
  • Standard essay elements, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion
  • Quotations and/or paraphrases from the texts to support your ideas (more than one)
  • MLA format, including visual format, in-text citation, and a “Works Cited” page
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