Select any legal or ethical computing topic for your final research project. Using Word, create a topic outline (I. A.1.a.).

Research paper outline. -This is done, just want to give you the information again as to what needs to be included in the research paper.

  1. Select any legal or ethical computing topic for your final research project.
  2. Using Word, create a topic outline (I. A.1.a.).
  3. The topic outline should include an Introduction, a Comparison of Viewpoints from literature on your topic, a Description of the Methods you plan to use to locate your research, a list of appropriate laws, an Opinion Summary, and a beginning List of References – you will be adding more as you write your research paper (use APA citation style formatting)
  4. Use a right-aligned header that contains your name and the date, and a footer that contains a centered page number

iii.    Do NOT use justified paragraph alignment


If you need guidance in general on writing a research paper, a good source can be found at


Prepare an 8- to 10-page (or more) paper that includes an outline, a summary abstract, results of your research, and a complete list of citation resources in APA citation format style. Topic is your choice and may cover any ethical or legal aspect of computing. Be sure that your work covers your topic’s requirements, plus foot/endnotes and bibliography, using standard one-inch margins, 12-point font and double spacing.


It must cover the topic effectively and present a well-developed thesis, supported by evidence from primary and secondary sources, not just your own opinion.


Your work must in some way demonstrate an understanding of the development of scholarship on the topic—that is, the paper itself must incorporate in the text and notes an adequate discussion of the scholarly works on the subject.


Every sentence with information from a source must give credit to the source. Otherwise, it is plagiarism.


Proofread everything carefully

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